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Diverse presentation work

The national government and PowerPoint presentations: visual, clear and convincing

Roops also supports the Dutch government in giving PowerPoint presentations. We have been able to start three important and leading projects.

Knowledge & Innovation – Ministry of Economic Affairs

Roops and the Ministry of Economic Affairs have worked together to provide the director of the Knowledge & Innovation department with a perfect keynote presentation. The ministry asked Roops about the best way to present all information as clearly as possible. The department deals with various brochures, reports and policy documents. How do you make the message unambiguous, consistent, clear and understandable? Roops has studied this assignment, with pleasure and interest. We have put all the information in a clear and inspiring PowerPoint presentation. We knew what to do: put together some strong visual elements, combined with a sleek story. The director was thus able to inform his audience in detail.


Euroforum CCS – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate

Thanks to this good cooperation, Roops continued to work for the ministry. We also designed a PowerPoint presentation for the Carbon Capture Storage (CSS) project in Barendrecht, with the assignment to give it a sleek and orderly design, both visually and in terms of content. It was a very important presentation: the audience, consisting of supporters but also opponents of the project, would be informed about the progress. Roops has come up with a practical solution. Above all, we designed a clear and consistent PowerPoint presentation: visually and substantively clear and in fact, convincing. The presenter who ultimately went on stage with our PowerPoint presentation was very positive about the result.


Rijkswaterstaat – Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

Finally, we also supported Rijkswaterstaat (the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) with a PowerPoint presentation. This was another important meeting: the PowerPoint presentation covered the waste disposal in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, and was given on the spot. We adapted the PowerPoint presentation to their style, and added a clear and clear storyline.

“My presentation went very well yesterday. The response was very positive. I noticed that I could tell my story very easily. Thanks for the good help and flexibility”

Hans Bolscher – project director

The Goverment – Ministery of Economic Affairs and Climate

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