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PowerPoint Presentation System – POWER-PS and various PowerPoint presentation work

Comprehensive PowerPoint presentation system for everyone within the BENELUX

The legal and tax consultancy Loyens & Loeff engaged Roops to develop two templates. Firstly, a template that makes creating internal and external PowerPoint presentations easier and more consistent. Secondly, a template that contributes to the visualisation and clarification of large text documents. Quite a job: these text packages normally consist of tens of pages; so this template must above all ensure clarity and user-friendliness. Both templates have, of course, been adapted to the new corporate identity of Loyens & Loeff.

Roops helped develop a special add-in for both templates from Loyens & Loeff. We have also produced auxiliary documents, thanks to which the ± 1,600 employees can easily work with the templates themselves.

More than fifty implementation and PowerPoint training courses

To put the finishing touches, Roops has given more than fifty training courses at Loyens & Loeff to make optimal use of these auxiliary documents as well as the add-in. These training courses took place in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, and we gave them in two languages. We are pleased that we were able to support Loyens & Loeff so well: our templates are still used daily by the law firm.

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