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Project Archive - Roops EN
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PowerPoint templates to present and learn from

International manual and PowerPoint template for the WorldCoaches charity

The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) has trained WorldCoaches for several years. People with a passion for sports and football, who (on behalf of the KNVB) inspire and guide children in sporting and social areas. A wonderful initiative, for which Roops happily rolled up its sleeves.

Commissioned by the KNVB, Roops has translated the WorldCoaches manual into an attractive and user-friendly PowerPoint manual. In it, (future) WorldCoaches can find all information about educating and guiding the children. The manual includes exercise material, background theories and practical examples.

Everything in this PowerPoint manual is easy to edit. Roops has also provided a workshop for the KNVB project employees, to let them experience its user-friendliness.

But not only that! Roops has also created a multifunctional PowerPoint template, with which the KNVB can inform all stakeholders about the project. In addition, the template can be used by the KNVB coaches to present the material to the to-be-trained WorldCoaches. The slides can be animated (see example) or simply made static. This way, this PowerPoint template can be used regardless of who is presenting, where the presentation is being held and for which group the presentation is intended.

Also interested in such a versatile PowerPoint template?

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PowerPoint template and Neighbourhood agenda newsletter template

Inform residents with ease and flexibility, using PowerPoint templates

Roops recently developed a template for a newsletter, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rotterdam. That newsletter shows the district agenda of the municipality. The PowerPoint template is used by municipal districts to inform citizens of the latest news in their neighbourhood.

Templates that completely match the corporate identity

The template has proven to be a success. Subsequently, Roops was also able to use their expertise for the City Management and Waste Separation department of the municipality of Rotterdam. We have developed an easy-to-use PowerPoint template for this department, that matches the corporate identity of the municipality. The template is provided with a clear grid and clear structure pages, which makes the template particularly convenient and practical for the users.

Are you also interested in a presentation that fully matches your corporate identity?

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Various Presentation and PowerPoint projects

Ongoing and just completed projects

Being a Presentation & PowerPoint specialist is such a beautiful profession. We would like to show everything. Below, you can find a small selection. With a team of presentation designers, trainers, programmers and a network of support specialists, no presentation or PowerPoint design job is too big, too small or too complicated. Don’t forget to check out our regular portfolio

We also conduct in-company PowerPoint training, such as this one for Nationale Nederlanden.

MBO Utrecht basis slides – template.


For Holland Capital, we created a complete PowerPoint system.

For the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, we developed this PowerPoint template.


Video presentation Sportverkiezing municipality Schiedam, fully animated created in PowerPoint.

For health insurer Zilveren Kruis (Achmea), we gave PowerPoint training sessions together with 5Miles.

Codarts is a Rotterdam-based international college offering high-quality arts education in the fields of music, dance and circus. We developed an appropriate PowerPoint for this.

For the Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM), we were recently allowed to develop these templates.


Corporate template for Facilicom Solutions including new Powerpoint Presentations for sister brands: Trigion, Gom and Breijer.


Roops also benefits from Duncan’s win in the Eurovision Song Contest ; ) – PowerPoint presentation for Rotterdam Make It Happen, Municipality of Rotterdam.


Workbook for PostNL in PowerPoint. The booklet is easy to adapt and be reproduced by the People Development department.



PowerPoint presentation for HvA, study Commercial Economy for the purpose of school information.



Corporate PowerPoint presentation and template for DOM, a company specialised in mechanical, electronic and industrial locking solutions.



Presentation and PowerPoint system for EXBERRY Growing Colours.

Would you like more information about us?

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Various PowerPoint work

PowerPoint sales presentations for Philips, fully customisable and in various languages

Roops has supported Philips in the design and production of the PowerPoint presentation for the entire Philips Lighting product range. The presentation has proved to be such a success that it is now used in more than 16 countries.

Process data as easily as it possibly can, thanks to PowerPoint

Philips brought in Roops with an important requirement: all text and image elements in the PowerPoint presentation must be easy to edit. Important for an international company like Philips: after all, the PowerPoint presentation must be presented in different languages. Roops has ensured that the PowerPoint presentation template can be easily adapted to any language requirement, so that all Philips divisions worldwide can provide their translations and include them in the presentation.

Below are some other templates and presentations developed for Philips Lighting

Would you also like to have such a beautiful international (or simply national) presentation?

We would be happy to work with you. Call us: 010-2141734 or send us a message using the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Dynamic PowerPoint presentation

We Make the City: PowerPoint was used to present Nuon energy solutions

Nuon’s CEO was invited to speak about all the energy company’s progressive plans, during the ‘We Make the City’ festival. The ‘We Make the City’ festival aims to improve cities in every possible way. For four days, various parties are asked to discuss their plans and ambitions. This also applies to Nuon. The energy company was keen to present its innovative energy solutions: the presentation had to be about what Nuon does, and how it envisions the future in the field of energy.

Nuon asked Roops to think along about the PowerPoint presentation. But above all, it had to be very structured. Nuon has many plans and many ambitions. That is why, in the introduction, we first emphasised on the existing energy problems in cities. We then presented Nuon’s solutions to these problems. The PowerPoint presentation contains many images and animations, which together form a lively and smooth whole, and have given the public a very clear picture of Nuon’s plans. And Nuon is also very satisfied with the end result: our PowerPoint presentation helped them to give a nice presentation along a clear message.

Do you also want such a convincing presentation?

We would be happy to work with you. Call us: 010-2141734, or send us a message using the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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KNVB PowerPoint template and the Orange invitation letter as a template

Scoring with Orange: communication with teams via PowerPoint newsletters

The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) and Roops have worked together several times now. The first presentation that Roops was allowed to develop for the KNVB was a presentation for the technical director. From there, the snowball effect happened. Subsequently, Roops created a PowerPoint presentation where the future of Dutch football is visualised thanks to animations and strong visuals. Roops has been able to take a look within the Bond through these projects, and understands all the ins and outs. With this knowledge, Roops has been able to support the KNVB even better in its further communication.

For example, we have designed a letter for all teams within Orange. As a basis for this letter, Roops has developed a comprehensive template in PowerPoint that is easy and convenient for employees to use. The template is still used to create various letters that give players a clear overview of matches, training, accommodations and contacts. The PowerPoint template is also used to prepare announcements and social media messages.

For a last-minute PowerPoint presentation, Wouter is the right person to call. Without panicking, Wouter knows how to make a professional PowerPoint presentation with little information. He converts your wishes into clear presentation slides. This way you will have a suitable and immediately usable PowerPoint presentation needed for an important presentation job, within a short time.

Jan Verbeek
Assistent Tech. Manager


Do you also want an impactful PowerPoint or a special print template to produce digital print yourself?

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Very extensive PowerPoint proposal template with instructions

Elaborate pitchbook template design in PowerPoint for Nielen Schuman

Nielen Schuman provides high quality financial services. The company has submitted the request to Roops to create a system with which research results can be displayed in a detailed, but above all clear manner. With this they want to give their clients as much clarity as possible about their services.

A great challenge for us: the documents of the service provider had a high information density. Roops has designed a very specific pitchbook (also called: proposal, dealbook or bidbook). An advanced typographic grid system, with which all large amounts of information are ordered accurately and easily. Nielen Schuman can use this system to get their research results clearly on paper.

Are you also looking for the best way to present your data as clearly as possible?

We would be happy to work with you. Call us: 010-2141734, or send us a message using the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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PowerPoint training and Presentation print template

PowerPoint training with smart tips & tricks and handy print templates for PostNL

Roops successfully took PostNL employees into the world of PowerPoint. After five training courses, we have taught marketing and communication employees to work with a new template. This template is used for any form of internal and external communication.

Practical PowerPoint training with tips, tricks and an extensive manual

We have taught them all the tips & tricks of PowerPoint, and showed them how they can design their PowerPoint presentation themselves. In addition, we have made a manual for PostNL in order to be able to refresh all the acquired knowledge in case they need it. The response to our training was very positive: the employees still like to work with the modified template and manual.

Executive Business Course – Advanced print template

Roops has developed a Guidebook for the PostNL Executive Business Course, which is completely designed in PowerPoint. The template, that we developed in PowerPoint, is very user-friendly and has a clear pattern. This PowerPoint template can therefore also be used for other similar guidebooks.

PostNL annually organizes an ‘Executive Business Course’ for the highest management layers. PostNL writes the content for the program brochure, and Roops takes care of the layout and structure. By making this brochure in a PowerPoint template, the process is super fast and we learn a lot from Roops about the layout options. Thanks to Roops, we now have a beautiful template that we can use every year.

Edwin Scharroo
Sr. L&D Specialist


Would you also like to follow a PowerPoint training course?

We would be happy to teach you all the tricks of our trade. Call us

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PowerPoint Presentation System – POWER-PS – Training

Template for PowerPoint presentations that suit every Vebego sub-company

Vebego is a large family brand that includes more than 150 smaller companies. Vebego recently brought them together into one new group. This means that all brands, all products and all segments must be provided with a new corporate identity. This makes them a recognisable part of the umbrella brand Vebego.

A great challenge for Roops to ensure that all communication runs smoothly and clearly, and this from the beginning. Vebego asked us to set up a presentation system that the entire organisation can use. The template for Power presentations can now be used without problems throughout the organisation – so also by the subsidiaries that have to maintain their own identity.

‘I thought PowerPoint no longer held any secrets for me. But after the PowerPoint training with Roops, I had to adjust my thoughts. Because there is so much more possible. Roops takes you into the wonderful world of PowerPoint, so you leave the training full of inspiration to do even better. ’

Denise Vrouenraets
Marketing and Communication


Do you also need such a comprehensive, clear template for your organisation?

We would be happy to work with you. Call us: 010-2141734, or send us a message using the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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PowerPoint template

To fully adapt the PowerPoint presentations template to their branding

Codarts is one of the most prestigious dance academies and conservatories you can find in Europe. The Rotterdam Academy offers vocational education in the field of music, dance and circus. They approached us with the request to develop a presentation system that matches their existing branding. Codarts had no experience with making professional PowerPoint presentations. That is why they have sought our expertise, to advise them on the most ideal set-up.

A template that completely fits Codarts

Roops has delivered a very graphical solution as a result. We have designed colourful and sleek slides, which are also easy to use and adapt by the academy. In addition, we paid attention to the photography style that Codarts itself works with: we have supplied a template for PowerPoint presentations that can be seen as bookwork. On this page you can see how Roops designed the Codarts’ PowerPoint presentations.

We asked Roops to design an extensive PowerPoint template. The starting template looks beautiful. Everyone finds it easy to use; thanks in part to the clear instructions. This will save us a lot of time and will yield much more consistency and quality in the long term. We can now also focus better on the content. We are very satisfied!

Karlijn Verschoor
Head Communication & PR

Codarts- muziek, dans en circus

Do you also want to use our expertise?

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