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Working Method ROOPS

A PowerPoint presentation is so much more than a simple file. It is about the right combination of images and words. You want a strong story, a clear structure, as well as an excellent and convincing presentation. This way you present your company or story in the best possible way. Roops will find that golden formula, with you.

We search for what your organisation needs exactly. Then we develop a template that not only fits those exact needs, but is also very easy to use. And, of course, beautifully adapted to your corporate identity and appearance. This gives you a template for PowerPoint presentations that will continue to amaze – and convince – your audience.

Working Method

1. Preliminary phase
In the preliminary phase, we examine the client’s specific needs. We take care of the needs and look at what is already there and what needs to be improved.

2. Template
Using a PowerPoint template can significantly reduce presentation development time and can help maintain consistent branding and visual styles across presentations created within an organization.

A good template includes the following items:
– Theme – logo position – footer – page number
– Background Design (magnetic lines, grid for position images, columns)
– Color scheme
– Fonts
– List levels
– Graphic elements

3. Standard and help PowerPoint
ROOPS is happy to help you with your company slides, corporate slides, product slides and for example map slide. Handy to have such slides ‘standard’ in your Slide Deck. The same goes for handy help documents like: copy and paste, icons toolbox and illustrations, icons and an image bank with pictures. All handy Timesavers that make working with PowerPoint a lot more enjoyable.

4. Implementation & Guidebook
To ensure that everyone becomes familiar with the PowerPoint slide deck, a good introduction is important. This can be done with training and instructional slides. If you really want to make an impact then a Kick-off event followed by a training is a good way. A Guidebook describes the most important work instructions, this document describes and records the principles of the slides, also useful for new staff members.

5. Training
ROOPS provides PowerPoint training for teams and organizations. We teach people how to use PowerPoint, how to design really good presentations and how to bring a convincing story on stage. We love seeing people stand confidently in front of a group because they know their PowerPoint is done to perfection. Giving a good PowerPoint presentation is an art. One art we’d love to teach you.

We regularly give training courses for ABN AMRO, Vebego, Loyens & Loeff, Nationale Nederlanden, KNVB, Zilveren Kruis Achmea and PostNL, among others. After our training you can create slides and PowerPoints much faster and with a professional quality. I share all tips & tricks from my own practice with you so that content & design lead to an optimal story.

After a PowerPoint training from ROOPS, you can:
– work faster with PowerPoint
– you can create a good story supported by clear slides
– you are stronger on stage or in front of the group
– Get started with tips, tricks and shortcuts
– you know the importance of a good template
– get more out of PowerPoint

6. Coach, creation & production
Everyone should be able to work with PowerPoint, but if there are questions who should you contact? ROOPS can play a role in this, especially if there is no time or capacity for this internally. After an implementation training, further training can be provided to deepen the knowledge. We also provide presentation training so that speakers are well prepared and confident on stage. Speaking skills, logical construction of a presentation are all aspects for which we have offered training and coaching for many years. If there is no time to make that one important presentation or pitch yourself. Then we can offer a helping hand for copywriting, editing, design, animation, layout and production. In short, ROOPS can complete the entire process for you. On an individual basis, we can also offer a coaching program. If you really want to become a PowerPoint specialist, we can set up that trajectory together.

And don’t worry, we support you from start to finish. ROOPS also provides sufficient Training and Coaching, to familiarise everyone in your organization with our custom template. This way, everyone becomes an expert in giving presentations. That makes a ROOPS PowerPoint presentation an investment for the future. You need a PowerPoint presentation in the short term? Or an expert eye? That is not a problem either. ROOPS provides Professional Support if you need it. Check this page for more information. In our work we distinguish a number of phases (entry points). Sometimes he has nothing yet and all phases need to be gone through. And occasionally he is just looking for a good PowerPoint Training. Of course, our customers can also seek our help directly if they have a question. Usually we know the answer right away and very sometimes we have to find out. So ROOPS is truly a PowerPoint Wizard.

Automation makes PowerPoint presentations better and easier
PowerPoint is great presentation software, but it doesn’t always do what we want. But that’s not a problem, because there are handy tools to bend it to our will. ROOPS helps you with several products for individuals, teams and companies using PowerPoint to be more productive, stay with the brand identity and present more effectively. Read more about automation PowerPoint.

Looking for a solid system for all your PowerPoint presentations?

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